Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Interesting blog here…I commented on her linkfest on performance appraisals (yes it is that time).  From my comments…

I’ve have some misgivings about #2 (ask for specific feedback). Sure, you should do so when it is unclear, but some of her examples are lame, frankly, and detracts from the point. Does a salesperson really need to be told how to define how to achieve “more client contact” or “more sales”? 

Per some of the other ideas, it is far better to come to the table with a solution. Suggest appropriate measures and targets, don’t wait for your manager to provide them.

I had a sales guy miss quota and tried to get to the bottom line — you’re just going to have to close “more sales.”  The response…”what do you mean by more sales?”  

Ummm, dude!  Perhaps looking at that quota you missed might be instructive….

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think Suzanne was talking about setting SMART objectives in situations where they don’t already exist, but if your sales guy had a defined quota that he missed then you’re right, going back to the original objective is the place to start…

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Her comment makes more sense in that context. One should insist on “SMART” when defining just about any objective.

    Actually, it made me think of another point: that manager and managed become witting or unwitting co-conspirators in setting fuzzy objectives. May have to blog on that one…


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