Embrace and Plan for Change — Tips from Project Failure Blog

The last entry of my series of comments on the project success checklist at Michael Krigsman’s Project Failure Blog.. My comments are scattered among his notes (excerpted below). I’d love to hear your comments on the details behind some of these factors as we go …

5. Embrace and plan for change — Most large-scale technology projects involve transforming how parts of an organization work. This change can disrupt existing workflow processes and cause end-user morale problems.

Organizational change management is a structured approach that in some ways is a summation of the various individual struggles that each of the stakeholders goes through.   I don’t want to recapitulate the various models (the wikipedia article on change management is here).  However, a solid understanding of some of the models like the Kubler-Ross model or approaches like force field analysis are fundamental.

Recognize that change is difficult and allocate sufficient time and resources to help users with the transition. Don’t consider change management and user education to be optional add-ons; they are essential ingredients for project success.

Agreed…no real comments other than to say that skimping on stakeholder analysis and execution against that analysis is a consistent project failure mode.  When change management activities aren’t that concrete and tangible, then the change management/transformation approach is simply a “feel good” exercise.


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