Benioff: SAP and Innovation…not!

Just ran into a new SAP blog at (here), written by Demir Barlas.   The first post I read highlighted Marc Benioff at ranting about how:

…SAP has “not seen innovation in the last 10 years.” Those comments were made in a recent interview with ZDNet, in which Benioff twice claimed that SAP has not been responsible for creating anything “unique to the industry or value-added technology.”

Huh…this from a guy who followed the time-tested “innovation” of porting of an application from one OS or architecture to another (Multics calculators -> VisiCalc -> Lotus -> Excel = ACT -> Siebel ->  Demir sets the record straight, however.

The logical response to that assertion is that, whatever the case with SAP may be, is not an innovator either. Siebel tried hosted CRM before, and the AppExchange is manifestly indebted to the iTunes and eBay B2C models.


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