CIOs, CxOs, and strategy

Frank M. at PM Think had a brief post on diverging business<>IT views of the role of IT.   This reminded me of many discussions with CIOs and our SAP strategy guys about overcoming this disconnect.

My take is that this issue has been driven by a basic conflict: CIOs see themselves as strategic when many of the businesses and operations that they support don’t need much strategic IT.  They spend a lot of time visioning, while their credibility erodes because they’re not spending enough time executing.

So we see headlines like CEO, CFO set different CIO agendas, The Slow Painful Death of Strategic IT, and my personal favorite: Happy CEOs delusional about CIO performance.

I’ll post about two models that I think are useful way to think about IT strategy: the Forrester IT archetypes and the McKinsey differentiated IT model.  (NOTE: The Forrester link requires you a subscription to download — the article is outlined here.)

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