Accountability and Project Management

Good post on accountability by lazymale at Lap31 (here).  It is a tough message for many PMs.  However, this trait, competency, or behavior — whatever you want to call it — is what differentiates successful PMs.  The leader PM may fail, but will get second chances.  The “victim” PM will likely never again be trusted with anything challenging.  Blaming the salesperson, badmouthing one’s steering committee, lamenting the high cost of consultants, is probably worse than just sitting at your cube sulking.

Actually, the closing paragraph would be a good affirmation for any PM to start the day with.  Just look in the mirror and repeat:

You are a leader. While it is ok for a leader to make mistakes, it is not expected of a leader to make excuses, point fingers or play the blame game. Even if it is not your fault, it does not matter. You are accountable. You are accountable for the project that you planned for. You are accountable for your actions, your team’s actions; for everyone and everything in the project, the project that you own… and when you stand up – not to blame but to own, that’s when we see a leader in you.

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  2. Very nice thoughts about accountability in PM.

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