Not learning from our mistakes — The Experience Trap

In 2006 I sponsored an INSEAD knowledge management program with Prof. Kishore Sengupta.  We got a chance to reconnect when I saw his Harvard Business Review article The Experience Trap (sorry subscribers only, but worth the reprint).  We had already started to deploy some of the suggestions independently — in KM and in training — but his article legitimized and enhanced our new approach.

The Experience Trap expands on how even experienced and seasoned managers still do not consistently…

…know how to efficiently address problems—if not prevent them altogether. What we discovered in our experiments, however, was that managers with experience did not produce high-caliber outcomes…. Our results strongly suggest that…[t]hey did not appear to take into account the consequences of their previous decisions as they made new decisions, and they didn’t change their approach when their actions produced poor results.

This finding corresponds with our real-world experience in the SAP PM community.  Ironically, the PMO itself also struggled to learn for experience and adjust our approach to this issue.

I’ll post on this topic over the next several days…I’d really appreciate feedback and input as we go along.


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