Whither the mobile web…

Jeff Nolan posts on the collapse of the mobile web hype cycle (here).   He also has a number of good links on mobile stats and just how unimpressive they are.  My comment (below) hits on what I believe is what is the “ultimate” browsing barrier:

I doubt that any variation on the current form factor of mobile devices will ever support “browsing” for mainstream users (regardless of bandwidth). Viewing headlines, scores, maps, searches, blogs, etc… that’s OK. One has to be pretty hardcore to follow links around like one does on a full-screen browser.

Of course, I’m stuck w/ EDGE and my BlackBerry is getting a bit flaky — the latest trick is to “prank call” people when I put it my holster w/out locking beforehand —  so I may not be the most unbiased observer.  Nothing like trying to explain…”it isn’t me, it my BB…really!”

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