SAP really is a platform company

This post by Dennis Byron (here) reinforces the urgency to start thinking of “every project as a program” (here). 

NetWeaver revenue is nearing $2 billion on a trailing 12 month basis (SAP says it’s only a billion euro but I believe it uses a different methodology than I do).   Either way, the key statistic is that SAP says 37% of that revenue is for standalone NetWeaver instances.

Dennis is right to make sure we don’t forget about Dre Shai.  He gets his props as well. 

Agassi is the person that foresaw the need for SAP to enter that space aggressively and laid out the plan to get there. Wherever he is today, driving around in one of the “green cars” he’s building in his new endeavor, he can toot his own horn.

Whatever one wants to say about Shai, or what caused him to leave SAP, his vision of making SAP a platform company is coming true.  These aren’t your father’s implementations anymore.

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