My words thrown back in my face…

When driving back with my son from our previously-blogged Chinese takeout adventure, we were listening to our Laurie Berkner CD when Daddy made the mistake of whistling along.

My son likes when I sing and hates when I whistle.  Also, he’s been a bit boisterous at preschool lately so we’ve been making DVD viewing contingent on good behavior at school.  He had gotten all three stickers at school that day, so he apparently thought the no DVD approach would work with me.

Stop that Daddy!  No whistling or you can’t watch any DVDs.  No Cars, no Toy Story, no Nemo.

When I unwisely pointed out that then he wouldn’t be able to watch, he went for the heavy guns.

Then you can’t watch baseball…no Manny and no Big Papi. 

And no coffee in the morning.

What!?  My coffee!

I’m very, very serious…and no back talk!  Do you hear my words?

Uh oh…


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