Questions when selecting leaders

Kari Kotikari has a new blog on leadership selection (here), with a post on questions to ask when looking at future leaders that caught my eye (here).

  • Is the person open minded and willing to learn?
  • Is the person a good listener?
  • Does the person take initiative?
  • Does the person care about his or her co-workers?

There a few others I can think of as well:

  • Does the person tolerate failure in himself and others?
  • How does the person deal with roadblocks, obstruction, etc.?
  • How would this person transmit these skills, competencies, and temperament to other colleagues?

Most importantly: Can the person give concrete examples of how he/she “answered” these questions?

Which questions are we missing?  Any others for leadership selection?


One Response

  1. Great additions to the list Paul! I especially like the one about failure. And giving examples. I think the way a person handles and views failures says so much. I feel this should a part of a companys value base as well. It is one of those clarities in a working climate that increases staff and leadership well being and efficiency.
    In my personal opinion to learn to view failures as learning experiences, to time to reflect upon the for growth but not to dwell (read; roll around in them indefinitely) in them for too long is key. Learn, apply and move on!

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