The squeaky wheel knows it is about to get changed…

Patti Choby has a nice anecdote about change resistance (here). 

A very wise man once said: “Dinosaurs screamed the loudest right before going extinct.”

And so do leaders who fear change….  They create a persona that is “larger than life” and then proceed to create noise, distractions, and even traps designed to neutralize the changes agents in their midst.

 This experience tracks with my own, though these resisters are easiest to spot and neutralize.  On the other hand, often the most determined and effective change blockers are quiet and work behind the scenes to undermine changes.  These blockers need to be identified and communicated with carefully, but openly and firmly.

Regardless, one needs to communicate change, as Patty notes:

Making change is a noisy business.

One Response

  1. Your observation is also very accurate. What it comes down to is that anti-change, status quo beings are everywhere in our midst. . . . something we need to keep in mind when the going gets tough.

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