Links — basic and advanced PM Glossaries

Developing a common vocabulary should be a key early milestone for any PMO initiative.  To that end, here are a couple of links that might help inspire the lexically-challenged among us:

Elizabeth at The Girl’s Guide to Managing Projects links to Tom Mochal’s short glossary of key PM terms at TechRepublic (here, PDF here).  It’s a one-pager of the most important terms.  What I like is that it hits on many of the most misunderstood (e.g., assumptions vs. constraints) and most fundamental concepts.  One quibble: some of the definitions are a bit non-standard (e.g., project definition (charter) is problematic, it doesn’t note the “authority for PM to spend resource” expected from a charter).

On the exhaustive end — and we know how us PM types like detail — one of my colleagues introduced me to the Wideman’s Glossary (here).  Here I like Max’s attention to acronyms and abbreviations.  He doesn’t get them all, but he manages to catch most I’ve seen (and some I wish I hadn’t).

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