Comparing oneself to others to feel good about oneself…

Hugh also has these great “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards” (The cartoon titled “I use other people’s alleged moral failings to justify my own mediocrity” is here).  NOTE: I’d post the image, but I can’t get it to work in WordPress!

I love this reminder.  How many times I’ve gotten into trouble by focusing on others’ faults — comparing not relating, as the saying goes — and forgetting my own?  Very convenient, comforting, and counterproductive ultimately.

We’re all flawed, so if I look for fault in others I’m sure to find it. The question I ask myself is: What do I do with that flaw?  Do I use it to put myself in my fellow human being’s shoes to understand and empathize? Do I use that knowledge and empathy to understand my role in the matter?

Or do I focus on the mote in my fellow’s eye and forget the beam in my own?


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