Being at the jumping-off point…then jumping

I got turned on to Tim’s Blog (here) while tag surfing.  Here’s his take on stress, which sometimes we go to great lengths to avoid…

I read a lot about stress in the workplace. Apart from the fact I discovered that if you read too much about it you tend to become stressed…

Amen to that!

This act of going over the edge to make the decision is the moment which should be studied…It’s the moment when you lose control.

Getting comfortable with losing control was one of the most important leadership lessons I’ve ever learned.  If one wants to lead anything of any size, substance, and importance, then one will never be able to control it all.

Think about this moment and learn to let go with grace. Practice letting go with the inevitability which comes with the final moments. Remember when you were a kid walking in the rain and the moment you realized you were wet and you weren’t going to get any wetter….  This moment is why you stress. This moment is what makes everything worthwhile.

So much of my stress as a leader used to be about not having control…what a relief it is to not have to feel like I need to do everything.  Even better, I can learn to enjoy it!


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