How trusted are you?… Trust Self-Diagnostic Quiz

As a follow up to my earlier comments on Name It/Claim It, here’s a link to Charles Green’s TQ Self-Diagnostic Test (intro page here).  Per his summary:

Trust is the glue that holds together the networked relationships defining the new economy. The ability to trust and be trusted is at the core of business as well as personal relationships.

The additional communication, effort, documentation, and risk mitigation needed in low-trust enviroments make transacting business frustrating and unfulfilling (at least to me).  Indeed, I’ve found the most disappointing and traumatic ruptures in relationships have come when I breached the trust I had built personally or professionally (and vice versa)… especially when I am not “present” enough to see the problem or wait too long to repair the breach.  Per the suggestion below:

Continue to take personal inventory and when I’m wrong promptly admit it!

I’ll take the test myself when I have some downtime.

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  1. […] on June 27, 2008 by Paul Ritchie Here’s my Trust Quotient Score (as promised in posts here and here).  I hope this doesn’t mean you all have to watch your back ;-) Your TQ score is […]

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