This research proves that I’m highly evolved…

Now here’s a dangerous article…per my comment to Jonathan at Manage by Walking Around, maybe I shouldn’t have read it before slamming Yahoo.  Schadenfreude and karma indeed…

Anyway, it comforts me that this article claims that sarcasm may well be an evolutionary adaptation (here).  Not surprisingly given my recent snarky tone, I agree that there is something to this:

Sarcasm, then, is a verbal hammer that connects people in both a negative and positive way. We know that sense of humor is important to relationships; if someone doesn’t get your jokes, they aren’t likely to be your friend (or at least that’s my bottom line about friendship). Sarcasm is simply humor’s dark side, and it would be just as disconcerting if a friend didn’t get your snide remarks.

The article also notes that sarcasm is a way of making, testing, and setting boundaries on alliances.  It works in different ways for me — sometimes I’m the witty one and sometimes I’m the straight man.  Either way, being able to give or get the humor forms a profound bond.

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