No surprise that Starbucks is closing more stores than first planned

I’ve always been amazed that the most popular post on Crossderry remains my first post on Starbucks’ attempts to re-invigorate their operations and brand (here).  Unfortunately, as some of my follow-ups on customer service issues hinted (here and here), the turnaround will be slower and more painful than it first appeared. 

In fact, I haven’t been to my local for almost two months.  We did try to visit once…but they were closed again on Sunday PM.  Fast service is a habit business and once you’re out of it and your “fix” isn’t top of mind, then look out.

Plenty of coverage of the store closing announcement: start here at Starbucks Gossip.  It also appears that the Congress is taking this threat to Caffeinated Nation seriously (here).

Hat tip for the Scrappleface link to Jeff Nolan (here).

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