Corner-cutting in Project Management

Elizabeth included this post from Sharp End Training’s blog (here).  I agree with her assessment of the post.  It is a good question but I would have like to seen a take on which corners are typically cut, not why corners were cut.  FWIW, here are my top ten corners typically cut:

  1. Stakeholder management planning
  2. Executing planned communications with senior management
  3. Executing planned communications with non-project stakeholders
  4. On-going risk monitoring and control
  5. Communications planning
  6. Risk response planning
  7. Integrated change control, especially for changes in resources
  8. Performance appraisals for project team members
  9. Quality planning
  10. Contract administration

I’d appreciate any comments on where “corners are cut”…  Perhaps this will make a good poll question?

3 Responses

  1. I think you’d pretty much covered everything… I do think, however, that your list is (at least in my opinion), not properly ordered. I’d move the quality planning somewhere near the top.

  2. Hi PM Hut,
    Thanks for the comment. That’s probably true…I think I’m going to make it a poll question to get some feedback on re-ordering.


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