“How to wake up early” blog…

One of the most unique blog themes I’ve seen is the how to wake up early? blog.  It hasn’t been updated in a while, perhaps all that early rising takes its toll.  However, there are lots of spot-on tips about how to become an early riser (if one is so inclined, of course).

My early career was spent at McDonald’s, and I did a lot of closing, which suited my night owl nature.  Of course, when I got promoted to store manager, I needed to be there to open the store.  That involves lots of 4 AM wake-up calls for 5 AM to 4 PM shifts.  I used the multiple alarm clock trick — my best trick was a 10 minutes wake>shower>dress routine — but I did pull some spectacular late opening acts. 

One time, I woke up late and was scrambling to get out the door.  I was very pissed and using a number of colorful metaphors to describe my predicament.  Apparently, I was cursing using colorful metaphors at quite a high volume, for when I ran out the door to my car I nearly ran into two police officers striding up my walk.  It seems my language and volume prompted the neighbors to call the cops — it sounded like someone was being killed.  The cops got a big kick out of my tale…like all shift workers they had empathy for over-sleeping.

Of course, I probably was simply subconsciously previewing the reaction of my boss when I finally showed up.  Luckily I wasn’t the last one there…like they say about outrunning the alligator.  It doesn’t matter if I can out run the alligator, only if I can outrun my companion.

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