Non-Financial Ways to Engage and Motivate

I hadn’t seen this blog before (here), but I liked this post that compiled tips focusing on non-financial incentives and practices (here).  The suggestion to “establish an appraisal system where clearly defined objectives are mutually agreed” seemed benign enough, but adding the phrase “appraisals should be continuous, not just once a year” put some punch in it.

I’ll need to remember this advice when planning my next round of bi-weekly standing meetings  with my team.

One Response

  1. Pragmatic, continuous appraisals are practiced by any effective sports coach: good pass, choke up on the bat, nice save, look down field, rebound, nice support. Few successful sports players wonder “what does Coach want me to do better?”… a good coach wouldn’t wait for an end-of-season player appraisal meeting.

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