Team Composition — Lessons from Pro Wrestling

Though it isn’t mentioned in this profile, my “most frequent” Myers-Briggs personality type (INTJ) supposedly prefers to work with colleagues of the same type.  Perhaps I’ve learned that this is a mistake, for now I am careful to ensure that my team has some degress of contrast in types.  In particular, I’ve found that conflicts between and among the same or very similar types can be explosive.  In my experience, imbalanced teams are very brittle and break when things go wrong.

Take one of the great tag teams of all times: Cactus Jack and Abdullah the Butcher.  They seemingly had it all: skill, ruthlessness, treachery, endurance, showmanship, and a shameless dedication to ethnic and cultural stereotyping.  But like all teams, it is how you handle adversity that counts…

It is hard to recommend skipping much of such a fine match, but the non-connoisseur might want to start the video about five minutes in…

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  1. There certainly seems to be ways that every sport can aid in team building and composition. Good blog!

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