This “Top 10” 2008 PM Trend List floating around

I’ve seen this top 10 list from ESI (release here) in three different places (here, here, and here) and I’ll admit that I don’t get the appeal (other than the timeless appeal of top 10 lists).  About half of entries either bugged me or left me wanting more:

1. Investment in project management training to counter effects of a troubled economy. Sure, but what kind of training?  Considering that ESI is a training vendor, I expected more specifics about where to focus (the rest of the list doesn’t help much).  You all have seen what direction my group is going in: simulation and role-based training focused on most senior people to address increased program and project complexity (see Complexity Set page here).

4. Emerging relevance of the project management office.  Ummm…hasn’t the PMO emerged by now?

8. Earning certification.  Sure, we’re starting to look at PgMP a bit, but is it really a top trend?  What issue is it addressing?

10. Talent management’s impact on business ROI.   A good entry, but they buried the lede.  This entry actually focuses on the new generation (e.g., the Millenials) entering the workforce and some of the related challenges.  There is a clear generation gap, especially w/r/t collaboration, agile methods, unmediated conversations, and the uses of Web 2.0 tools.  Also, many of our talent management issues are with the “old bulls” — those with experience who are unable or unwilling to adjust to new solutions, methods, and expectations.

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