Necessary vs. Unnecessary Change

When it is not necessary to make a change, it is necessary not to make a change.    — Lord Falkland               

Just a thought, but sometimes we get so caught up in the cult of the new or the need to make a splash that we forget that sometimes the best thing to do is nothing, to leave well enough alone.  When we follow the change management literature blindly, we end up trying to create a sense of urgency about everything, we see innovation resistance everywhere, and we evangelize everyone remorselessly.

I point the finger at myself as well.  Mine is not an essentially conservative nature.  There’s more than a bit of the revolutionary in me, so I need to remember to choose my battles.  Driving one or two key priorities — Peter Drucker suggested adding a second to prevent boredom with the first — has been far more effective than a scattershot strategy.

Besides, when everything is urgent, then nothing is.

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