Travel Tip — W hotels are for the young, rich, or both

Last week I traveled to meet a Montreal-based colleague to work on 2009 planning.  When I booked my hotel I spied the “W Montreal” at a reasonable price and just instinctively booked it.

Well, I stepped in the door and almost immediately felt my age.  First, every other guest was half my age (47) or dressed like it.  The words projected — séduction décontractée being my favorite — on the walls was another sign.  The service was somewhat indifferent until my tie-less suit — a la Anderson Cooper — marked me as cool enough to check in (and even upgrade when my room wasn’t ready).

All that said…the W Montreal had a friendly and accommodating staff, at least once they realized I was a customer.  It sports a very cool decor, very nice bed and pillows, Bliss toiletries, excellent coffee, and pastries strategically placed on the way out.  My room also had a great shower with a large shower and a sweet rain dome shower head.

Sadly, that shower made me feel old and vulnerable.  One shower wall is glass and it ain’t translucent…I’m just glad I wasn’t in a jurisdiction covered by the Patriot Act!


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