Value of Project Management Study

One of my first duties with the PMI Global Corporate Council was to give feedback and input to Janice Thomas, who was planning PMI-sponsored research into the value of project management.  After more than three years, it was great to see the first findings made public in Warsaw earlier this year.

The study itself, Researching the Value of Project Management, will be released soon.  Smartly, PMI released a preview PDF (here) and a 90 minute presentation by the lead authors Janice Thomas and Mark Mullaly, PMP (embedded here).

Mary Adams over at Hybrid Vigor will be particularly interested in the attention paid to intangible benefits (Crossderry posts here, here, and here) in the study, which Kelley Hunsberger highlighted (here).


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  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for including the link to the PMI overview PDF. It’s good to see the inclusion of qualitative measures in what looks to be a comprehensive study.

    I liked this quote from the PMI presentation: “The PM process has become normal and ordinal, which reduced individual heroism in PM.” – Project Manager

    One of the most interesting challenges for us as PMs is helping to change organizational cultures which support project management processes, yet still possess those qualities (such as ignoring the triple constraint of time scope and dollars) which require heroes to keep things moving.

    Will look forward with interest to the final report.

    P.S. Have been enjoying your blog.

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  3. I wonder what more project professionals think of the study.

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  5. Hi KH, Paul and others,
    I have yet to be able to get my hands on a full copy of the research, so I couch my comments on the basis of what I have seen and heard from others.

    As I see it, project management is embedded into nearly everything. Thus I would be surprised to find out that their research didn’t turn up something to support the value of project management.

    Explained another way, it is like “apple pie and motherhood”……. Yes, project management adds value. Of course it does!!! What alternatives are there? Could we be doing it better? Of course we could/should be!!

    OK, so now what? While I respect Janice (and Mark) as researchers, I have been disappointed with what I’ve seen so far.

    Dr. PDG, Anchorage, Alaska

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