Like all Gaul, all change comes in threes…

Hugh at Gaping Void identifies three types of people: Changers, Contributors, and Coasters (here).  While I like the sentiment — and the chance to riff on Caesar’s opening to The Gallic Wars — this next quote was what struck me most. 

To talk about “Change”, doesn’t necessarily imply that there’s anything abnormal or wrong going on.  As I’m fond of saying, all business models are wrong. Whatever system you’ve got in place, it’s yesterday’s model.  Whatever process you’ve got installed, the world has since moved on- all you can do is try to play catch-up, to greater or lesser degrees of success.

That’s Hugh’s emphasis, and it echoes a recurring rant of mine.  I often deploy said rant when I hear the phrase “best practices” — call them “good practices” please!  My take is by the time they’ve been writted, edited, re-edited, packaged, marketed, etc., they’re no longer best practices.  Best practices aren’t created back in the home office.  They’re in the head and heart of the tired, traveling line consultant who gets inspired when he or she is confronted with something that those best practices didn’t anticipate and don’t fix.

Changers, Contributors and Coasters
From Gaping Void post: The Three C’s: Changers, Contributors and Coasters

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