Novel concept…a PM blogging from “birth”

Bas and Elizabeth turned me on to Soma, who is just starting out in the PM profession (blog here).  Like so many of us, Soma is getting into the field via a bit of a tangent (see the maiden post here).  That first post also has a useful reminder to experienced PM bloggers:

However, most of the blogs don’t advise you on how you can become a PM. Most of the bloggers are hugely successful Project Managers in their respective fields and sometimes talk about issues that might sound alien to most of us.

Food for thought…though many of my non-PM ideas sound alien as well.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing this! It’s quite interesting to see this “birthing”.


  2. […] and Commentary, as well he might since it was a riff on his blog post.  Lui also commented on Novel concept…a PM blogging from “birth” and Mis-using Management […]

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