Attributes of a successful project manager

Alec Satin left a quick comment on Crossderry, so I popped over to his blog.  I particularly liked the tenor of his post on the 10 Keys to Being a Wildly Successful Project Manager

Develop a consistently positive attitude.
Make wise choices.
Believe in your abilities.
Be a master at setting goals and achieving them.
Have a clear vision of what success means to you and to your project.
Develop steady, positive habits.
Show persistence.
Be transparent.
Do what you say you will do without exception.

The only one I would modify is the last: sometimes one cannot/must not do what was promised.  So use the “Be Transparent” tip and admit fault or error, identify the right direction, then get moving again.  Please note that none of these tips include mastering Microsoft Project, immersing oneself in the Gantt Chart, or becoming a technical wizard.  As Alec notes…

…a person can be exceptionally knowledgeable and still be a walking organizational disaster.

One Response

  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

    You are right – sometimes we cannot do what we promise. Your advice on what to do is right on target – get it out in the open, own it, be responsible. That is so rare in most business environments that doing so will help you to really shine.

    I plan on writing posts on each of these items in the near future.

    Peace and thanks for making my day.

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