People factors in managing consultants

Elizabeth at A Girl’s Guide to Managing Projects blogs (here) on a recent Forrester report (report abstract here) on people management in large IT implementations in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).  As she notes, it is a useful twist that they focused on the challenges of managing third-party consultants.

I haven’t read the report, but it looks like it has some sound recommendations.  In particular, this suggestion may sound obvious: one should provide an “[i]ntroduction to your processes and procedures to ensure that the external consultants know how to raise issues and track progress.”  It can’t be that obvious, because I’ve seen exactly one customer who did so.

One caution about the study: the ANZ SAP consulting market is white hot.  It is probably useful that Forrester looked at such a challenging market.  However, keep in mind that some of the issues they describe may be driven by the tight market itself.

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