Is your favorite charity wasting your $, €, ¥, or £ ?

Well, this survey only covers US-based charities, but it is an important question none-the-less. 

One of my deep, dark secrets is that I spent some time in the non-profit world.  Let’s just say that some less-than-honorable folks cover themselves with the cloak of “non-profit”.  Sadly, they’re just in it to make a buck via some impressive salaries or self-dealing (e.g., purchasing phone bank and mailing services from, well, themselves).  None of those nasty profits, though!

Anyway, someone I can’t credit via a link (here’s your hat tip, thanks) pointed out the Charity Navigator site (here) and its charity ratings (here).  I’m a little suspicious seeing all the universities as top-rated, but I can vouch for a few of the listings —  Dana Farber (home of the Jimmy Fund) and Compassion International in particular.  As you might suspect, the worst-rated “charities” seem to be the ones who employ telemarketers who awaken us from our afternoon naps.

Just a reminder that disturbing our sleep is the least of their offenses…

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