Networking after moving into a new role

This Harvard Business Online article on networking after a promotion caught my eye (link here).  While it’s pitched to the recently-promoted, it has great advice for anyone moving into a new role.  The piece starts fast:

Most people aren’t naturally networkers. But if you’ve just been promoted or are about to move into a new job, it’s imperative that you start talking to lots of people and make connections right away, so you can acquire crucial information about your new job and succeed early. If you don’t, you might lack the facts you need for a proposal, for example, or you might bring up an idea you think is neat but has failed in the past.

The three tips noted in the piece are just fine.  However, I particularly liked the two insights in the open about fact-gathering and avoiding already-failed ideas.  I’ve made these mistakes before, so I appreciated the reminder of the pain that a little stakeholder identification and planning can prevent.

Networking is definitely an unnatural act for me.  While that isn’t usually a deterrent for me, in this case it means that networking always goes to the end of my to-do list.  My best approach is to target and reach out per the article, then get short chats on my calendar with those folks immediately.  If I procrastinate, all is lost.  Per the article:

[T]he first 30 to 60 days are when networking matters most, because that’s when people are deciding if they can depend on you or if you’re a loser who should never have been hired.


2 Responses

  1. I completely agree about the importance of the networking and importnance of first months. Later it’s still possible to change others opinion about you but it’s way harder.

    However one of details grabbed my attention – bringing up already failed ideas. I think everyone was in that kind of situation, but it’s not always bad. People with fresh view on the issue can adjust ideas in a way which makes them useful. I’ve seen that a number of times – guys who had enough persistence to dig while everyone was telling them “We’ve checked that. It doesn’t work.” After all it appeared that if you dug dip enough it worked.

    Sometimes ignorance is a bliss.

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