Who knew the Amiga OS was still alive?

Oh, and the latest version is getting product reviews (here).  Of course, it wouldn’t be Amiga without a legal dispute:

At the time of writing, Hyperion [the OS developer] is still in the middle of a lawsuit brought by the company that contracted the development of the OS, Amiga Incorporated. The lawsuit hinges on the original OS4 development contract, signed in the wake of the dotcom crash of 2001, when Amiga Inc. had lost its funding and did not appear to be financially viable going forward.

Why do I care about Amiga?  My first entrepreneurship experience was developing content for multimedia titles for Commodore’s CDTV (here).  My brother did the hard work, the design and coding (blog here).  We developed two commercial titles, Advanced Military Systems (title info here) and Heroic Age of Spaceflight (ancient mixed review here).

Hat tip: Good Morning Silicon Valley (here).


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