Corner Cutting Survey 2nd Answer: Performance Appraisals

The corner cutting poll’s second answer (at 18 percent) remains Performance Appraisals for Project Team Members.  This result wasn’t a shock at all to me.  Only relatively mature project organizations even mandate that project managers conduct performance reviews.

As anyone who has been in the SAP ecosystem knows, SAP is a matrixed organization.  This model is a great advantage in at least this aspect of implementing project management: we have an already-established approach for “additional appraisers”.   The reviews are embedded in our project management methodology and our HR processes:

As part of project closing, the project manager conducts final reviews and evaluations of the team members. The project manager and project team member should review and sign the additional appraiser form during a final meeting before the team member leaves the project….  Every member of the team should be evaluated prior to the project ending or the team member leaving the project.  

In other words, project, program, or PMO leadership has the responsibility for performing reviews even when we don’t have direct reporting responsibility for project team members.  This approach allows the PMO to have “soft oversight” of technical and functional resources we don’t directly own.  It also provides excellent opportunities to give future managers hands-on coaching experience.

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