Favorite blog analysis toy — Quantcast

I’ve fooled around with a number of analysis tools and Quantcast is my current favorite (main site here, Crossderry’s stats here).  It is very easy for me to use because I have a hosted WordPress blog, so the stats flow naturally to the site’s analysis engine.  BTW, the mid-September screw-up in my stats was a self-inflicted wound (I tried to install the counter myself).

Now, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the traffic, geographic, demographic, and lifestyle stats.  Because Quantcast depends on WordPress stats, it does miss my “feed reads.”  But the rest of the stats do make some sense, though I can only imagine the wild generalizations they need to make to get to these figures. 

I’m particularly proud that I attract “more visitors of other ethnicities here than average.”  Just call me Mr. Diversity…

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