Giving up on Web 2.0 as penance?

Tom Davenport‘s latest post (here) on Harvard Business Online channels the tone of today’s conventional wisdom.  Many commentators on the Panic of 2008 — including Davenport — are invoking the Great Depression and its harsh lessons.  I guess hairshirts and flagellant confraternities will be coming back next.

While I love mortification of the flesh as much as anyone, I think Davenport’s seriously off-track here.  He’s gone gloom-and-doom just as social media is doing some heavy lifting.  An example of Enterprise 2.0 traction, you say?  OK, what does it say when a guy like Michael Krigsman — who is on the IT Project Failures beat, for goodness sake — praises Enterprise 2.0 efforts from SAP (here) and Oracle (here)?

I hate to bad-rap a fellow Babsonian, but maybe Tom needs to get out of Starbucks more…


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reference on your blog. I completely agree on with your perspective on Tom Davenport’s assessment of Web 2.0.

    Just because value isn’t instantly apparent, especially within a completely different context than one is used to, does not mean the value isn’t there.

  2. Thanks for the comment Michael. It made a nice contrast to point out your positive posts on 2.0 stuff from us and those guys in Redwood City.

    Afterwards, I did wonder if Tom Davenport might be thinking of poaching on your turf. If today it’s gloom-and-doom on Web 2.0, will tomorrow be balky Heathrow baggage software ;-)

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