Obscure SAP Tools — Release Strategy Documents

I’ve always been surprised how many customers and partners aren’t aware of SAP’s Release Strategy documents (main topic page here).  These documents cover the availability of new SAP releases, the length and conditions of their maintenance, and the dependencies among individual releases.  Below are links to the three main documents (actually, the pre-2005 material is a re-formatted hierarchy of the original documents):

SAP’s Release Strategy for Large Enterprises
Explains in detail SAP’s simplified release strategy based on a stable core approach for SAP core applications, delivery of new functionality via optional enhancement packages, as well as related complementary offerings.

SAP’s Release Strategy for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies
Presents the solution portfolio for small businesses and midsize companies (little-known fact: ~ 70% of SAP customers are small businesses and midsize companies). This document focuses on the SAP Business One application, the SAP Business All-in-One solution, and the SAP Business ByDesign on-demand solution.

SAP’s Release Strategy for all Shipments up to 2005
In the past, SAP’s release and maintenance strategy was more component-oriented than application-oriented.  The former versions of the brochure “SAP’s Release Strategy” are available for customers who are still running SAP applications and components released before 2005.


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