Biggest PM Job in the world… ha!

While I appreciate Glen’s shout-out (here), it is the SAP project and program managers who have the big and tough jobs. As Glen notes, managing SAP projects isn’t for the faint of heart.  Our engagement leaders are the ultimate guarantor of SAP’s brand value (which has a solid 10% CAGR since we started our PM initiative in 2003, BTW).  These colleagues have tons of talent and responsibility.  

They certainly have my team’s respect.  We demonstrate that respect by not claiming to promulgate “best” practices.  Sure, what the Global PMO delivers should be “good” practice; however, our material has its greatest value as a foundation for innovation.  Truly best practices come from the field looking at our content and saying “this approach is OK, but how about if we added/changed/deleted this?”

How NOT to explain the value of your PMO...

How NOT to explain the ways one's PMO adds value to the field.


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  1. Gee Paul (and Glenn),
    I have been trying to integrate Primavera with SAP on a couple of projects and to be very candid, I think SAP should stay OUT of the business of project management and stick with Accounting and Procurement.

    While I think SAP is really great for the C level people, for project managers, being able to track only 5,000 activities is not enough detail in my estimation except for the smallest of projects. Or at a level of detail which makes “managing the details” almost impossible.

    Many of the “real” project managers I know tolerate SAP simply because the bean counters and big boys like it, but at the field level, most of us use something else.

    Dr. PDG, heading to bed in Jakarta

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