PM Quote of the Day — Nina Simone

I’m a real rebel with a cause.

Nina Simone was indeed the High Priestess of Soul, but she’s probably at least as well known for her uncompromising positions on many issues — especially civil rights.  One of her most famous stands was when she was a small child; she refused to play at a recital until her parents were returned to the front row of the segregated hall.

Simone almost never compromised on her convictions, sometimes taking them to their logical extremes.  While I’m far from endorsing her positions on many issues, this quote did make me consider the strength of my convictions.  Do I stop believing something because it is inconvenient?  Am I being rebellious just for the sake of being different? 

Have I really thought and felt through what I will not compromise on am I simply waiting to see which way the wind is blowing today?

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