PM Quote of the Day — Benjamin Spock

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do

I don’t think of myself as a Dr. Spock disciple when it comes to childcare — e.g., we kiss and hug with abandon but we’re regular about bed and meal times — but I’ve always loved this quote.  In fact, my wife has it displayed where she can read it every morning.  

When I’ve made missteps in my life, there have been too many times when I’ve vaguely sensed that I was being none too smart about the mistakes I was about to make.  In fact, it was often a definite sense, even when in “mid-error”.   But this mindfulness was shallow, because all too often I was acting from the fear of disappointing someone, or missing out on something, or losing… whatever.   In other words, almost insanely trivial excuses or self-justification easily overwhelmed my reason and willpower.

This personality quirk or defect makes it essential for me to pause before I make a decision or face a situation.   For me to trust myself, I must be fearlessly mindful of my thoughts, motives, and efforts.  Only then can I hope to perform right deeds.

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