Mythbusters finally get around to PM myths

A memento from a particularly "shiny" project...

Now, add a little gold-plating and it will be perfect...

And two of my favorite phrases in the project management idiom were tested in this week’s episode.

  • Hitting the ground running doesn’t work.  I’m not very surprised.  Coming into a project, then running around madly never suited me, nor did it appear very effective. 
  • And indeed one can polish a turd.  Not that I needed confirmation — Lord knows that I’ve seen and done my share of shining s***.  More surprising is that there is an established and effective technique (here).

Now, who will be the brave soul that recommends Dorodango as an entry for the next PMBOK Guide glossary?


3 Responses

  1. I just spilled my morning coffee all over myself when I read this entry! Hahahahaha. I sooooooo know what you are talking about. When can make a series for Discovery Channel: “Pimp My Project”.

    Thanks for the great laugh.

  2. […] was supposed to be 10 minutes and it is just over 20.  Hmmm… I wonder if I was confirming this PM myth.  Maybe you should think of it as a “gold-plating special”,  just perfect for you […]

  3. […] This post shows [again] why Seth is one of the wise marketing minds.  To the unwary, marketing is a kind of magic that can put a shine on anything or even polish a you know what.  […]

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