PM Quote of the Day — Anonymous Mom

Son, you’ve always been quite the thinker.  When and if you ever start thinking clearly, I’ll be very excited for you. 

A friend passed this along when we were comparing our penchants for over-thinking and over-worrying.  It was a somewhat pathetic, if knowing, conversation; in a way, it was as if we were two old men telling fish stories.  

We both marveled about how easy it was for us to get into “thinking trances”.  For me, these feel as if I’m mesmerized by the high-pitched whine of the hamster wheel in my head spinning.  For him, the feelings brought to mind a metaphor I can’t come close to repeating on this family-friendly blog.

Remembering his mom’s gentle rebuke has helped my friend realize that thinking for thinking’s sake isn’t very productive.  Climbing a wall of worry might be good for the stock market — and my 401-K sure could use a good worry wall right about now — but it has never done much good for me or my friend.

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