PM Quote of the Day — Many Sources

Treat others as you want to be treated.

It was quite a relief to hear my son reciting the Golden Rule when he came home from preschool yesterday.  Internalizing that saying appears to be a marker of the “Golden Age of Parenthood” — when one’s child enters a period of good, consistent, (mostly) altruistic behavior that stretches from roughly four to ten years of age.

However, reading the wikipedia entry on the ethic of reciprocity reminded of one of the problems with the Golden Rule.  In particular, the Golden Rule can become yet another justification for self-centered behavior.  Karl Popper‘s suggested improvement to the Rule points out one way in which we can get around that pitfall:  

The golden rule is a good standard which is further improved by doing unto others, wherever possible, as they want to be done by.

2 Responses

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