The ultimate in IT inside->out thinking

Geek and Poke and their dueling IT and business spells

Geek and Poke exchange IT and business spells

Michael Krigsman post on the IT Utopia (here) makes a good bookend to my post riffing on Esther Dyson’s “worker’s paradise” quote (here). 

Talk about an inside->out perspective!  It is as if the IT person expects that once he/she invokes a technology incantation the poor, slow, business folks will bow to their masters in gratitude.

While business counterparts have an obligation to get the implications of technology, technologists must in turn rouse themselves to help the business make that connection.

3 Responses

  1. I like this one (although it took me a bit to get it–your explanation helped).

    IT folks have their own reality. Implementing bleeding edge is nirvana, and they forget that the business was working before their new toy running the show. Then again, many advances to business have come from IT experiments so I will not completely discount the potential in tinkering with working technology. Still, I strongly believe in, “If it ain’t broke…”

  2. Paul, you might be interested in this blog titled Outside-In Thinking ( Many of the posts are a bit of a stretch but the idea makes sense.

  3. :-D

    And the business character in the cartoon is kind enough not to ask for the cost.

    Last week we had a conversation with a (business side) customer about how he needed a complete rebuild of an existing and serviceable application, so it could keep up with the evolving underlying technologies (actually, it was a matter of going REST) and opening wonderful evolution posibilities. The customer kept blinking at the terms and ideas… and almost said “Thank you”.

    He put up only half the budget, though ;-). They’re learning.

    Best regards,


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