PM Quote of the Day — Margaret Thatcher

I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.

This quote from the Iron Lady resonated with me, because I’m feeling harried and impatient right now.  It is the end-of-year rush and everyone’s trying to book my time, get decisions made (the more hurried and ill-thought through the better), cadge some budget, etc.   From my experience, we run the risk of making bad decisions and generating useless deliverables just to tick off MBOs and get “home for the holidays.”

Perhaps this also works in reverse.  If I show patience maybe I can delay or mitigate the worst of the Christmas rush.  That I can make sure that I get my own way; or maybe more appropriately, that I point us in the “right” way.

One Response

  1. Profound quote my Margaret Thatcher, resonates with me as well as I would like to get my way in landing on my feet after the dust has settled on the recent economic woes.

    It’s a really tough job market out there and what I’ve found is that the only way to stand out is to be able to do projects that bring a company immediate and real value. Useless deliverables that are all fluff just won’t cut in in this intense and competitive economy.

    The Project Management Professional certification is the one credential that can help you get in doors fast. I know that people who have gone through Cheetah Learning to get PMP certified say that it has helped them get jobs and the other courses they took through cheetah to maintain their PMP helped them either get our keep their jobs (and as Margaret Thatcher would say- get their WAY). Even if you can’t take one of their courses right now, Cheetah has some great free downloads that you should check out at

    My two cents, thanks for the always useful and entertaining blogs Paul,

    Kristen Kent

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