Paring down to LinkedIn and Facebook

I’ve finally started to winnow my social site memberships.  I’m getting rid of my memberships in Plaxo, Spock, and Classmates.  LinkedIn will stay.

Also, does Naymz irritate any of you?  I’ve received a slew of  requests for recommendations via Naymz… OK, I can do that.  But  to recommend I would have been forced to sign up.  That annoyed me to no end, especially when many requesters already were connections via LinkedIn (where one can recommend).

Finally, rather than posting much personal stuff on Crossderry, I’ve finally gotten up on Facebook.  If you’re interested in keeping up, my profile is here.


5 Responses

  1. Paul,
    I’m exclusive on LinkedIn. Plaxo is greate for syncing outlook accounts across multiple machines.

    • Hi Glen, I hear you on Plaxo… that capability is what attracted me to the platform, but I never got as much mileage out of that functionality as I thought I would. In essence, LinkedIn became my second “contacts” account and I ended up on Plaxo less and less.

  2. I am actually just seeing my business network usage being substituted by facebook. Facebook has been” just another social network” for me for a while, but it´s sucking so many of my contacts into it and making business talk so much more relaxed (and accessible, because so many are on it) that I am seeing myself getting more business done on fb than linkedin and others… just blogged about it, couldn´t help it

    • Hi Vasco,
      Thanks for the comment… I must admit, I’ve really come to like Facebook, though the “relaxed” nature of it means I do need to be wary. I can see how people get sucked in to posting inappropriate topics!

  3. I see LinkedIn as a business tool where I go to hire people and source new clients – and of course if I was looking for a job. It is very much a sober business tool – a great one at that.

    Facebook while it has business value, was built as a way to stay in touch with friends. It is trending to be more useful for business but I have to admit, I absolutely need it to be separate. I don’t care if one service acquires the other, I have a group of friends and I have a group of business collogues, they are separate networks and should stay that way. I have no problem managing them both in the same interface, in fact I imagine consolidation is a completely necessary next step for Social Networks.

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