PM Quote of the Day — Winston Churchill

If you are going through hell… keep going.

There’s a temptation to stay put, hunker down, and even hide when times get tough… like right about now.  Maybe that’s OK when you’re stuck in a hurricane, but it’s not right for a leader in today’s environment.  Your team will take its cues from your behavior… if you’ve locked yourself in the back room, don’t expect your crew to stay on the front lines.

One Response

  1. Hi Paul

    Great quote and totally agree that its important as a leader to be as close to the front line as possible. Also think that it is pretty important to learn from the experience (KM) so as to prevent going around in circles while in hell and also for future refrence to know where the door is to get out. It may take time to get out but going in the right direction and communicating that to the crew is of vital importance.

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