Podcast on barriers to successful IT/CRM

Michael Krigsman over at IT Project Failures hosted the first in what he hopes will be a regular series of “Town Hall” podcasts (here)  It was originally supposed to be a meet-up, but the weather was dodgy at best so the session went virtual. 

Anyway, Paul Greenberg moderated an excellent discussion that covered a lot of ground.  As Michael notes, Paul’s CRM background focused the conversation

…on issues drawn from customer relationship management. CRM brings together core business functions — how a company interacts with customers — with technology intended to streamline and improve those relationships. Since these goals are business-oriented, CRM offers excellent examples of non-technical failures connected with technology implementation projects. For example, one participant noted corporate managers sometimes deploy CRM hoping to control end-users, who in turn reject the system in a predictable failure. 

Be warned… I jump in at about the 30 minutes mark!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the podcast. It was interesting to hear Paul’s and others’ experience and approach on CRM implementation. From my experience, most CRM implementations fail before it even begins. In some cases, it is simply the wrong people involved in the intial stages (setting requirements and/or researching vendors). CRM is a crucial piece of any business, so the extra effort, time, and consideration in the beginning of the process will pay off when the right CRM system is installed.

    • Hi Anh,
      Thanks for the comment… great phrase “fail before it even begins.” Smart operators realize that the premises of an initiative must be sound before proceeding. When we try to patch, back-fill, and spackle weak foundations, it can be no wonder that the whole building comes falling down on us!

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