Ricardo Montalban — RIP

Sadly, the man who brought us Mr. Roarke, Khan Noonien Singh, and “soft Corinthian leatherhas passed on.   For better or worse, he did as much as anyone to save and revitalize the Trek franchise when he reprised the role of Khan in Star Trek II.  

While most folks best remember Shatner’s screamed “KHAAAAN!”, I prefer his softer “Khan” from the scene where Khan reintroduces himself to Kirk (linked below… screwed up link the first time).


One Response

  1. Ricardo Montalban will be known forever and to the ages as Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island. He later joined the Asian actor Herve Villechaize. They are together again forever. Montalban is Mexican and descendants came from Spaniards from Spain and Native Americans from Siberia.

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