Surviving PMO Success: Visualizing the Process Maturity Trap

Building on a post from yesterday (here), below is a picture that I’ve used to explain how process maturity improvements can backfire on an unwary enterprise PMO.  As one’s stakeholders improve their adoption and execution of standard processes, they naturally want to innovate to meet the needs of their particular commercial and project environments.  For example, one region may need more soft skills training, another unit may need to incorporate agile concepts in its methodology, while another needs to better manage diverse and geographically dispursed project teams. 

An enterprise PMO must take an active and explicit role in integrating such process improvements into its own portfolio.  In our case, this involves a knowledge management process that gathers, consolidates, validates, and syndicates updated materials, training, etc. to the field.   Otherwise, our work product and services become marginalized, or even irrelevant. 


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