Web 2.0 and PMO functions

We’ve just started digging into a large-scale re-architecture of our various methodologies.  As you might imagine, the consequences of our approach include changes to the processes, people, and technologies behind content production and maintenance.  

In particular, leverage social media to author, publish, and distribute much more content than we do today.  We’re pleased with our technology direction.  However, we are concerned about some of the organizational change management challenges ahead — for example, many potential contributors feel like their competitive advantage is what’s in their heads. 

Are there any social media adoption strategies that work well when engaging constituencies that aren’t inclined to share?


3 Responses

  1. Paul,
    This is were the US DOD is headed
    A business partner supplies some of these components to the USAF. Virtual project management is coming soon on our program.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I suggest that we adopt an incentives and recognition strategy similar to that of Innocentive (see link below). This would need to be done on a much smaller scale of rewards though. The rewards could also be non monetary such as PDU points or access to specific SAP university eduction courses. This would help to minimise the amount of regulation that would be required.

  3. Hi Rogan, Thanks for the suggestion. We’re plugged into the SCN folks, so we’re hoping to leverage a lot of their experience. However, we didn’t think to ping them about Innocentive, however.

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